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Wronker Artwork

Irvington, NY Artwork

Irvington, NY Artwork

Town Hall (#1)

This was the first Irvington drawing I did. I chose the Town Hall because it is symbolic of the village and is an interesting-looking historic building. The cornerstone is inscribed with the year 1900. At the time I drew this, the library was located there so I not only admired the outside but also spent a good deal of time inside. Main Street and the Town Hall are featured in the 1994 movie The Last Seduction.

Octagon House

This colorful confection was built in 1860, with the dome and cupola added ten years later. As pointed out in "Wolfert's Roost" (a book on the history of Irvington-on-Hudson, edited by Stewart and Polly Anne Graff) eight-sided houses were an architectural fad at the time. There happens to be a ghost story attached to this one! You can read "The Ghost in the River Octagon" in "The Screaming Ghost and Other Stories" by Carl Carmer, who lived in the house from 1946-1976. It is such a unique and whimsical house that I tried my best to do it justice. I worked on it for months before I was finally satisfied that it was finished. 

Aqueduct Tunnel

This tunnel allows Station Road traffic to pass through the Croton Aqueduct but the single lane is only wide enough for one car at a time. This is not surprising when you consider the Aqueduct was built in the 1800's. It is no longer in use today except for people and cars to go under it or people and bicycles to go over it.  

Barney Brook Waterfall

At the corner of Buckhout St. and Station Rd. the winding Barney Brook takes a couple of dips where (if we've had enough rain) it treats us to some nice little waterfalls. I always enjoy passing by at different times of day and seeing how the light is hitting the trees.

Historic Irvington & Tarrytowns

The town of Irvington is named after the famous writer Washington Irving, but the house where he lived is located in what we now call Tarrytown, right across the border that divides Irvington and Tarrytown. This montage displays Irvington's Town Hall, Washington Irving's home "Sunnyside", and three other Tarrytown landmarks. Ths is also available as the black & white pen and ink drawing without any watercolors.

Burnham Building

The Burnham building in the early 1900s housed the Lord and Burnham Company, leading manufacturer of greenhouses. More recently it was renovated and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It now includes affordable housing for Irvington residents and is home of the Irvington Public Library, which was formerly located in the Town Hall building. The exterior of this building may be seen in the 2007 movie "The Hoax" starring Richard Gere as Clifford Irving. A small part of the movie was shot down by the Irvington train station where the Burnham building is located. Also in 2007 PBS filmed the Burnham building for inclusion in a documentary which is part of a six part series called "design e2" narrated by actor Brad Pitt. 

Station Road

Looking west toward the Hudson River down Station Road this path takes you down towards the Dows Lane Irvington Elementary School. Unlike all the other paintings here this one is not a watercolor painting but is done in Acrylic paints on a canvas board. 

Church Window

The Presbyterian Church in Irvington is well known for its Tiffany glass windows designed by the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany of Irvington. Rather than draw the whole church, I decided to focus on just this one window and I liked my black and white study well enough that I never did color it in. 

Town Hall (#2)

I later decided that I wanted to do a more detailed drawing of the Town Hall, choosing a different perspective. Rather than incorporating the view down Main Street, this one focuses on the structure itself. Also since the trees don't block the building from this point of view, I was able to include their leaves this time!

Halsey Playhouse

This structure is all that is left of a large castle built in 1905 by A. J. Manning, the same architect credited with building the Irvington Town Hall. It was commissioned by millionaire Melchior Beltzhoover and was an exact replica of a German Rhineland castle. In 1927 the property was purchased by the Halsey family who took up residence there. It was abandoned in 1976. The outside was stone but the inside was wood, and the castle was destroyed by fire in 1977. The surviving "Halsey Playhouse", as it was dubbed after some relatively recent restoration work done to save it from collapse, overlooks a beautiful pond in its natural surroundings.

Trent Building

In this case I chose to draw just my favorite part of this building which is the southern tip of it. The Cosmopolitan (aka "Trent") building (1895) housed Cosmopolitan magazine from 1895-1904. It was designed by Stanford White. His life is an interesting story in itself! Mr. White was played by Norman Mailer in the movie "Ragtime" but was a small part and not the focus of the movie. 

Behrens Block

The "Behrens Block" looks much the same as it did when it was built in the early 1900's. This view looks down Main Street west towards the river. The little store on the corner named "This "n' That" is no longer there, so there's a little touch of nostalgia for Irvington residents who shopped there the years while they were still in business! This 'n' That was transformed into Ray's Bar for the 1994 movie The Last Seduction.

Rivertowns Trolley

This is the Historic River Towns picture as it originally appeared with the Historic River Towns of Westchester Trolley at the center, carrying visitors around the Hudson River communities of Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, and Irvington. Besides the Town Hall and Sunnyside it also includes the Old Dutch Church, Philipsburg Manor, and Lyndhurst. Movie trivia note: The Lyndhurst Estate served as the location for the Collinwood estate in the 1970 and 1971 Dark Shadows movies.  The mansion grounds provided many backdrops in both films, which were based on the '60s gothic TV soap opera.

Washington Irving's Sunnyside

Technically not located in the town of Irvington, Washington Irving's famous home is right across the border in Tarrytown. In 1835 Irving bought some property there including a small cottage which he had built up into a mansion. First called "Wolfert's Roost" it was renamed "Sunnyside." The town of Irvington was incorporated in 1872 , but Tarrytown had claimed Sunnyside when it incorporated two years earlier.  

Lego Town Hall

Working in a different medium here I built a model of the Irvington Town Hall using Lego bricks. I can't take full credit but my young assistant chooses to remain anonymous. The model hasn't survived so this photo is all that's left of that artistic endeavor. I hope A. J. Manning, architect of the original Irvington Town Hall, would approve!